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Which functions are available in the demo version?

Everything works in the demo version, except for saving, printing and outputting more than 100 lines of G-code.

This way you can test all functions of CADasCAM and even ensure compatibility with your own CNC-control.

How do I activate CADasCAM?

Activating CADasCAM is easy!. To do this you need a License, which you can get on our website.

If you have installed and started CADasCAM, it runs in demo mode by default, indicated by a button in the menu bar with the inscription ' Demo version! Click here to unlock...'.

When you click on this button, a dialog opens in which you can enter your license. If you then confirm the dialog, CADasCAM will be activated in a few seconds.

How to update CADasCAM?

1. Make sure your PC has an internet connection.

2. In the Menu, choose Help and then search for Updates.

3. The CADasCAM update application automatically searches for updates and installs them.

4. After CADasCAM has restarted, you have installed the latest version.

How to install CADasCAM?

1. Download the CADasCAM-Installer and execute it.

2. A welcome window opens, simply click on 'Next'.

3. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.

4. Select the installation path.

5. Choose which links you want to have to CADasCAM.

6. Finished. CADasCAM should now start automatically.


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